Group Of Piel Color From Heritage To Future


A Heritage of Leather


Piel Color is committed to using the best materials and chemicals from the most famous and certified suppliers from Europe, Brazil, Russia, and the USA.

On the other side, Piel Color invested hundreds of millions to construct its own facilities to enhance sustainability like:

  • We constructed our own drainage network to connect all factories to its Solid Treatment Station.
  • We constructed our own Solid Treatment Station for removing and separating the solids and purifying the drainage water before releasing it to the public treatment station.
  • We constructed our own chrome extracting station for separating chrome from the drainage water and purifying the chrome to export it.
  • Piel Color established its gelatin factory to produce the industrial gelatin from the trimming and splitting. This helped a lot to create added value and enhance sustainability.
  • Piel Color is producing the best quality of amino acid fertilizers from the shaving waste through many technical processes and exports it to the world markets.
  • Piel color group constructed its first facility to produce dog toys (chew) from the splitting and trimming of the leather.
  • We have a plan to build a facility to produce biodiesel from the remaining fats in the leather (fleshing).
  • In the field of renewable energy, Piel Color is planning to start using solar energy as natural and clean power recourse.