Group Of Piel Color From Heritage To Future


A Heritage of Leather


Quality assurance

As Piel color is a pioneer company in exporting its products to the top manufacturers all over the world, and a self-commitment to set and follow a package of policies and criteria of quality and innovation to increase its capability and face the competition in leather markets and to be the best in everything we do.

We are recruiting the top qualified foreign and Egyptian experts and engineers to guarantee to realize our target, and to produce the best quality of genuine leather and competing in the international markets. 

Piel Color Group adopted continuous and strict programs in all its processes to guarantee efficiency and high quality and keep holding the pioneering stick of the leather industry in Egypt and the Middle East. This program contains the following aspects:

  • Continuous training program in technical and administrational affairs. Well-equipped and strict safety and security program
  • We use only the most internationally famous and certified chemicals in all tanning processes to guarantee to produce the top quality leather.
  • Giving good interest to sustainability official programs.
  • Adopting market studies program to follow up the latest trend of the business.
  • Participating or attending the most famous International fairs and events, related to the innovation of business, organized by the Egyptian or international organizations to follow and stay aware of all new trends and innovative techniques.
  • Applying Periodical strict inspection procedures relating to all affairs

This made Piel Color factories the first and the preferred destination of the presidential and ministerial official visits to Quisna Industrial Zone.